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The Group owns several companies related with real estates contracting and finance


REDECO Ltd. Group started in Saudi Arabia in 1977 with SATRA - Saudi Trade Routes Establishment created and managed by Mr Samir G Aoun the company dealt with building equipments and construction materials.

1978, SATRA switches its activities towards contracting, in the finishing sector, as the project of the Royal Palaces is initiated by the Kingdom.

1979, OGER International becomes the leading contractor of the Royal Palaces under SAUDI OGER. As the SATRA shareholders split, Samir G Aoun creates REDECO-Research and Development Company - and integrates the exclusive subcontracting group of SAUDI OGER.

The project is a success: the highest quality and render expected in a short timed 8 month was achieved by SAUDI OGER. From then the following extensions of the Palaces began making it the most extensive site ever in Middle East.

Since REDECO was mainly in decorative finishing material applications, its branch in research was instructed to innovate with products combining isolation and decoration.

1983 REDECO becomes the exclusive importer of Granolite™, a newly invented form of isolation composed of fine crushed marble and adherents.

1984 REDECO is distributor of VIERO products for Saudi Arabia. As the company expends in the Kingdom, projects are demanding innovative products; REDECO diversifies with materials such as Parex™ and paints.

1995 REDECO is expanding its palette of products and applications. The integration of a new management team leads project Yamama8 with new Monocouche™ application techniques.

1997 reinforced with engineers from France, the company creates a structures for intern decorating elements, such as artistic wall painting, golden ornaments, and mirrors.

2001 REDECO acquires a gypsum design and sculptures company and expends its range in finishing, making it an essential product of its gamma.

2004 REDECO BULGARIA was a step to expand in REDECO Group’s expenditure. A real estate development entity that combines REDECO’s know-how in construction administration and design features.

2013 The group started investment in real estate in London