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The Group owns several companies related with real estates contracting and finance

Foreign Offices


Our French branch is a mandatory firm in charge of architecture and project supervision. We are in collaboration with OGER International, mandatory company for Saudi OGER, for the choices of finishing materials;
For the design and architecture, bureau of E.T.A. of Architect Stéphane Thomasson. You may visit website

Middle East

  • As Contractor, REDECO has been involved in the internal and external coatings of different projects mandated by OGER International in France, and executed by Saudi OGER in Saudi Arabia.
  • We specialized with all sorts of paints, granolite finishings, and different silicon isolations. We also deal with mirror applications.
  • Today, our main activities rely also on gypsum ornaments. Applying the ornaments brought us to develop an artistic painting section to link the gypsum sculptures with our know-how in refined revetments.
  • Most of our projects are based in Saudi Arabia since 25years now. Yet, we also have interests in Lebanon, specially the capital of Beirut, which has been in reconstruction for the past 10years.

Banking, Developing, Finance, Real Estate.

Real Estate.

Real Estate.