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The Group owns several companies related with real estates contracting and finance


Saudi Oger ltd.

REDECO Ltd. is in collaboration with OGER for the last 25years.

OGER is a main developer in Middle East and worldwide.
Our direct work with Saudi OGER, the one sponsor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has permitted us to experience and learn the business on a huge scale.

Indeed, our activity lies in real estate finishing of constructions, such as palaces, royal compound properties, and additional governmental structures.

OGER International is the architectural bureau for the designs, and Saudi OGER the structural entity that deals with the concrete layer and local supervision of the projects.
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Lafarge is a long run major supplier we have been working with. Essentially, one of the largest companies in France and in the world, the group Lafarge & Mortier is an industrial producer of almost every construction materials; from primary refined substances to heavily sophisticated product of construction. You may visit


Founded by M. Patchi Viero in the late 1970’s, this Italian painting factory became a multi-producer of coatings and isolations.
We were the exclusive importers of Viero in Saudi Arabia until it was bought to join the Lafarge & Mortier group in the late 1980’s.
Yet, the industry constantly provides us with innovative products that mostly depend of the know-how of Viero.
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Architectural bureau, internal and external design, with which we are in collaboration. You may visit